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Joyce Park Gardens

There were four square garden plots of roughly the same size in a straight line on the Lincoln Street property when Joyce died. For two years, Joyce's personal garden was the second one in. It has been expanded on each side as the memorial garden. The two gardens on the left (viewed from the street), have been combined into a single teaching garden. The traditional (tomato) garden remains pretty much as it was. This configuration, when viewed from above, appears in the shape of a cross to reflect her faith, and as a memorial to Jesus, Who died on the cross to grant us salvation. He is risen. 

In the beginning . . . .  

Welcome to Joyce Park on May 19, 2024
(two years later)


The first images below are of the gardens before Joyce transitioned from this earth life (12/17/21) taken in 2020 and 2021. The next two are of Donna and her traditional garden from 2021. The memorial for Joyce was May 14, 2022 at Joyce Park. The picture of Joe Carr turning over dirt in the expanded gardens was taken in early May preparing for the memorial. The picture to the right of that was taken the day after the memorial showing the first flowers planted in the memorial garden. The one below that is how the memorial garden looked by September 2022, followed by two shots in October 2022. The last two are from July and August 2023. Eventually, this page will have significantly more images added, and many will be shown according to their specific garden. 
























The Joyce Marguerite Gibbons Memorial Garden


The Children's Native American Teaching Garden


The Traditional Tomato Garden

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