Friends of Joyce Park
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Links & Thank You List

This page is for links to the sites of others who have contributed to, or partnered with, our organization. Clicking on their logos, or highlighted text, will connect you with their websites. Also, some thank you lists follow the links. 



The Teaching & Sharing Centers 501c3 non-profit, the owner of Joyce Park, has accepted us into their IAM (independent affiliate) program which provides us with office space, and other business amenities. 



The website (and william) continues to assist us with webpage design, development, and a host of web related services. 








We acknowledge, and thank, the following people (or groups) who have made memorial contributions, other donations, or have become members, helping our FOJP organization accomplish our goals . . . .

Jackie Blanc
DeAnna Braman
Hunter Braman
Jenny Brandon & Kevin Johnston
Lyn Danes
Jean Folk
Dorothy Fulton
Donna Gibbons
William Edward Gibbons Jr
Den & Pat Graeber
  Immanuel Lutheran Church Card Group
JMG Administrative Trust
Karla Kuester
Kristen Kuester
Priscilla Lane
Ray & Charmaine Lanjopoulos
Bob & Dawn Shilton
Terry & Gloria Standley
Caroline Thurston
Dale Walters
Carol Weigel

All memorial contributions are handled through a special account of the FOJP non-profit, unless they are specifically designated for (or check made out to) the Teaching & Sharing Centers 501c3 non-profit.  


Thank you to those who have volunteered their time, and talents, to help with some aspect of Joyce Park, or the Friends of Joyce Park organization . . . .

Mary Ann Anderson
Shelby Angilley
Dean Archer
Emily Archer
Mia Archer
Trip Archer
Jackie Blanc
DeAnna Braman
Bob Buckley
Amanda Carr
Joe Carr
Trevor Carr
Donna Gibbons
Sarah Gibbons
William Edward Gibbons Jr
Martha Gibson
Tom Gibson
Mark Hellum
  Amy Hoyes
Sara Keller
Cindy Langenberg
Stephene Lapp
Steve Latchow
Jean Lodge
Yvonne Marsh
Warren Mast
Jeff Mitchell
Keith Mulder
Rick McKenzie
Walter Pike
Anne Sanders
Mike Sanders
Gail Shafer
Bob Shilton
Lowell Ulshafer
Gregg Vicary

If anyone has volunteered whose name does not appear on this list, please let us know so it can be added. It is important to us that your efforts be recognized. We very much appreciate them. 


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